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This page (probably) contains URLs associated with the domain which may not work at the moment. We apologize and are actively working to sort out these problems. This notice will be removed when the URL issues are resolved - R7 13:49, 12 April 2009 (UTC)

Reason for being[edit]

This page is intended as a resource for folks that are interested in furthering the development of BLAG.

Firstly, we hope it will acquaint you with the tools we use on the BLAG project. All the tools we use are free of course and as BLAG is a community, we encourage you to use these tools to help BLAG.

It will also show some 'featured' pages showing mini-projects that BLAG folks have been working on.

Tools we use[edit]

Bugs & tickets[edit]

For tracking bugs and other improvements we make use Trac.

Previously we used bugzilla.

Email lists[edit]

We use a Mailman mailing list hosted by AktiviX. Called [blag-whereto].

Previously mailing list archives: this link is non-functioning at the moment.

Development tips and tutorials[edit]

RPM Creation[edit]

rpm tips: Hints and tips on writing RPM .spec files

Here are some tutorials and manuals on how to create an RPM package:



Projects and ressources[edit]


rsync iso

Servers - blag servers

Building a grub boot disk






Images used in BLAG

other useful pages[edit]


Getting involved