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If you've been playing with BLAG for a while and would like to contribute back, these are some of the many ways you can help BLAG.

Help people in the forums or on IRC

New BLAG users are always in need of help. You were probably in the same situation when you first started using blag, so contribute back and everybody benefits. Use xchat or similar and go to #blag

Write wiki pages

BLAG's wiki is constantly growing and you can help too! Add a page describing how to start using your favourite piece of software in BLAG or add neat tips!

Track down forum and wiki spam

Unfortunately, the forums and wiki both get spammed quite horribly. Although the wiki now requires registration, there's still plenty of spam from before it did. If you've found wiki spam, let us know the IP that did it in #blag on via IRC or by sending a message to the blag-whereto list at blag-whereto at lists dot aktivix dot org. If you've found forum spam, tell one of the moderators via private message or let us know in #blag on

Make suggestions

BLAG has a make suggestions thread in the Development forums. If you've got a great idea, we'd love to hear it!

Submit bug reports to bugzilla

Found a bug that we made? Submit it to our bugzilla! If not, submit it to the person who makes the package you found the bug in. Remember Linus's Law: "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." You're just one of the many eyeballs that's required to find the bug. ;)

Maintain a package

If you've suggested a package and it's a custom package that needs to be maintained, we'd love if you could do this for us, especially considering you probably know it better than we do. Just submit your specfile on the bugzilla!


All contributions to BLAG are greatly appreciated! If you've got ideas, feel free to add to this page.

BLAG Dev Box

BLAG has a development area hosted with the FSF.

Send lxo your ssh key for access. Send via /msg in IRC and also via email.