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Welcome to BLAGAPEDIA - The BLAG Linux And GNU / Brixton Linux Action Group wiki A wiki is a web page that anyone can easily edit with their web browser to add new info, new pages, update text, correct errors, etc. Feel free to add information to these pages and create new sections. BLAGAPEDIA is here to provide you with documentation on all BLAG-related topics. Help and aid are also provided on the forums , IRC  and mailing lists.

BLAG Linux and GNU is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora with packages from various repositories. BLAG is geared mainly towards home users and comes with a feature-rich desktop, ready for action and empowered to process all the web, media, text or anything else you want it to. BLAG works to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action and by spreading Free Software.

The current version of BLAG is 90001.


reader has installed or is going to install BLAG and wants help. maybe reading this before he is going to install. Provide a list of help sources here.

   * forums: what are the forums for. how to use it. expected time for response
   * irc: irc is for. how to use it. expected time for response.
   * mailing list: email addys. archive of past emails 

I think that help should come _first_ in this section as this is what the first timer is looking for. he does not care about anything else but getting help! FAQ: About BLAG and Free software

General top-level description of what BLAG is about, why it is important. Provide refs for those that want more info. FAQ: Do I have to be a hacker to use this stuff?

BLAG is designed with the desktop user in mind. Tell the reader that the install cd comes with the "all round apps" of web, music, video, work, ... Made for "normal" people get on with stuff/life. Installation guides

loads of stuff out there already so i'm very happy to nick stuff Installation: how to get the media

here is how you can get hold of BLAG insert text here Installation: what to do with media

   (verify, burn etc)

nick more stuff Installation: how to install

   (my laptop, desktop, server, foo)

nick more stuff using BLAG using BLAG: general

top level general info on blag _usage_. After reading this section, reader is supposed to get up and go and for get that he is actually using FOSS.

desktop is gnome by default. point-and-clicky, draggy and droppy. There is a shell too ;-) nick more stuff. did any one mention fluxbox or xfce, enlightemnent, ratpoison.... using BLAG: on-line security

This is _not_ from the company with the wavey flag!!!!! Gaaaar - grrrrr. Linux ~= Unix so things are done differently/better. simply explain that *nix was designed from the start with security in mind, not like the "well known OS". Trojans, viruses, spy-ware can be avoided by simply _not_ using Spyfest Redmond-ware Premium Edition-lite. using BLAG: package/rpm/tar.gz, wtf? i just want some software!

after reading this the reader will understand that BLAG cds come shipped with tonnes of software and that the system is ready to get up and go.

   * explain what a package is.
   * explain that the repo is and how to get stuff from the repo.
   * explain how to add additional, third-party packages. (manual builds, from rpm, etc)
   * explain rpm and explain synaptics. the gui is the front end. yum does all of the work. 

BLAG: under the hood

this section is for developers or those that know more than point, click, facebook. (twitter 3> ;-) perhaps something is not working? maybe BLAG is -ed for any reason under the hood: developers

this section is for hackers, devel and those that want to dick around with their computers. leave that for me!! under the hood: how blag is created

insert stuff here under the hood: roadmap

insert stuff here under the hood: trac

insert stuff here helping blag

here is how the reader can help blag. (See ticket #18 and my comments for more info).

Index Ressources Instructions & Manuals Documentation & Custody
List of Applications Install BLAG Roadmap
All packages on 90k1 CD Configurations About BLAG
Tested Wireless Cards Root Filesystem Encryption
Development Tools
ACPI Getting Involved
Office Applications
Package Installation

This introduction is for now ruthlessly copied from [[1]]:

If we want some clear layout here we first have to think about what we are talking about. Speaking prose it's neither the tavern (IRC), nor the forum and it clearly is much shinier here than in the alchemists/engineers shop (TRAC). We enter a library, with light halls, high shelves offering piles of books tightly lined up and chambers overflowing of folios stacked to the roof, the wisdom of our elders at our hands, still.

For now there seem to be different areas people should be lead to:

1. Index resources. We currently have that and only that. And it's not inviting at all. A new layout should provide a more descriptive list of tools people have found useful and wrote about. Everything that comes with the default install should at least be basically described. A list of "Featured Articles" is desirable. Someone should be able to browse this without knowing from the start what she is looking for. That means don't fall for a pure tree structure but link to the same places from any place that does make sense.

Not only palpable descriptions of applications should be offered but also background information. (i.e. emphasize the system's modularity. always link to different solutions and approaches) Explain what kind of tool the application provides and how this fits in with the overall concept or how it sticks out.

2. Instructions and Manuals - Howto? Section

Is it not enough to know what our tools are and how to make use of their basic functionality. We want people to produce art and action with these tools. And we also want people to hack their tools and change them to their taste and preferences in deployment. Therefore the Howto? Section has two levels: putting the available technology to a specific use (e.g. how to set up your own independent radio stream) and finding solutions to use the technology in new ways (e.g. tear down pulse-audio etc. and get a pure jack-based environment to plug in cool apps into your radio).

3. Documentation and Custody

Precious pieces should be conserved and archived. It's also easier to write new great pieces if you can build on drafts and guidelines. This should be an inviting place for people who want to work on the wiki. It also should feature documentation of recent events, as the transcripts of Meetings. I abandoned the idea of employing a blog for certain documentation because it's not collaborative enough. But some scribes should live here, keeping diaries on the events that route development.

Feel free to live here. This will be more prosaic soon.

Muchas Gracias to jebba, the best there ever was.