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Install a kernel 2.6.35 under a BLAG 119K

Just a tip : I tested a traditional rpm building to install a newer kernel on my BLAG 119K, but always crash. Next I found a easier way to solve this problem. Just download the kernel-libre at this url : http://linux-libre.fsfla.org/pub/linux-libre/freed-ora/F-14/x86_64/

This installation does not raise problem but you must update the version of your grubby package (BLAG 119K : 1.0.9 and kernel-libre .35 requires a least a 1.0.10).

The solution : download the grubby of a recent fedora (SRPMS) and rebuilt it with rmpbuilder and mock.

The users who wanted not compile their own rpms can find a version of grubby 1.0.16-1 at this place : http://cbiot.fr/blag/

There’s several versions : 32 and 64 BITS.

Without guarantee, but works fine at home. Enjoy.


Just install the latest free kernel (F15). Seems work fine.

uname -a
Linux vegtux.tuxpanic 2.6.36-libre.0.34.rc6.git3.fc15.x86_64


Write By Cyrille, le 06/10/2010.