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Install and Update Packages Using Yum

Yum (Yellow Dog Updater, Modified) is a simple command-line package manager for RPM-compatible Linux systems, such as Fedora Core. There are some major pros for using Yum instead of installing packages manually using the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM). One reason is that Yum automatically calculates the dependencies for individual packages and then downloads and installs them accordingly. Another reason to use Yum over RPM is that you can search through multiple repositories all at the same time.
Requirements: yum

Searching for Packages

To search for available packages run:

yum search keyword

Whereas 'yum search' filters by the package name and description, 'yum list' allows a search of package name alone:

yum list 'firefox'

Wildcard symbols can also be used. The following returns both all available and all installed packages whose name begins with 'ice':

yum list 'ice*'

'List Options' exist to allow further filtering. The following lists all packages available for install with 'gnome' in their name:

yum list available '*gnome*'

All packages with updates

yum list updates

Install Packages

To install new packages run:

yum install packagename

Updating Packages

To update individual packages on your system run:

yum update packagename

To update all the packages on your system run:

yum update

NOTE: "yum update" updates all packages, including your kernel

Package Info: description, name, version etc

yum info packagename


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