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Welcome to Blag Linux And GNU
by le Brixton Linux Action Group
3,341 articles


What is Blag?

Blag is a 100% free GNU/Linux distribution, which means that it features only free (libre) software - in the live cd and in the repo - according to the Free Software Foundation definition.

Among the main differences between Blag and other GNU/Linux distributions, Blag features a special Kernel, from the linux-libre project which doesn't include any non-free firmware. It also uses Icecat instead of Firefox.

Blag is Fedora-based, but provides more content by default : you may find some new software in the repositories like educational softwares, games, newer version of some existing softwares.

Finally, Blag is not just only a GNU/Linux distribution. It's also a political, philosophical and technical community. All of its members work to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action and spreading Free Software.

New to Blag?

So, you're new, and don't know how to start?

Let's see, I guess you may have some questions. Why don't you visit the FAQ section?

Then, maybe you would like to install Blag. Good choice, then go to Installation

Oh, I see, you already have Fedora 14, and you would prefer to migrate in a smoother way. No problem, with Blag, everything is possible, get there : A complete How-to to Migrate from F14 to Blag 140K


You like Blag and want to get involved in its development part? Nice, visit the Getting involved page, such as the Developer page.


Contact us

Where can I join blaggers?

Main Site

Mailing List




Blag is looking for contributors in any possible way.

You're a developper, a tester, a graphist, a musician (Koko says : yes, I'd like some custom sounds!), a software packager, or you simply have some ideas for the future of Blag?

Let us know! Join us on the IRC, on the forum, the mailing list, or connect to and register to the Blag group!


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